April is Records and Information Management Month

By Jan Ferrari, Government Information Analyst

For those who work in records and information management, April may be the sweetest month of the year.

Records and Information Management Month (RIMM) is celebrated internationally for the month of April to both promote the RIM profession and to highlight the impact that RIM has on business. The purpose is to emphasize the value and importance of organizing and maintaining records in all media for the efficient and effective management of any organization.

RIMM was first observed in 1995 as National Records and Information Management Day, through the efforts of members of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) U.S. Government Relations Committee. The purpose was to bring attention to the cause of passing the renewal of the U.S. Paperwork Reduction Act. As part of the festivities, ARMA International hosted a luncheon in Washington, D.C., attended by members of Congress and the executive branch. The gathering served to promote RIM as well as advocate for passage of the Act.

Over time, the observance grew to cover a week in 1997, and a month in 2003, and now extends beyond U.S. borders to other countries.

ARMA International offers marketing materials such as posters, flyers and handouts. Go to http://www.arma.org/rim/promotion/index.cfm for help with your own RIMM celebrations!

One thought on “April is Records and Information Management Month

  1. I saw your email article, today in The Texas Record; about “RIMM” celebration in the month of May 2012. ARMA Houston Chapter is capping off the RIMM month of celebration with its annual conference and expo. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Future is NOW for Governance, Information Management, and Change Management.”

    The 2012 ARMA Houston Chapter Conference & Expo will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, April 24th – 25th for guidance with your Governance, Information Management and Change Management challenges. This two-day event offers sessions on an array of subjects of interest to information management professional at all levels of the profession and welcomes attendees from all surrounding areas.

    “We are in the middle of some of the most exciting times of our profession. With so many advances in the Records and Information Management technology, we are challenged to stay current and change our processes and procedures as needed. NOW is the time to finalize our plans and execute the changes that are required. The time to be timid is over. We need to move forward with our plan. NOW is the time to implement the Change Management strategy necessary to achieve our goals.”
    – Beverly B. McMahan, CRM, ermm, President ARMA Houston Chapter

    Venue: The Houston Norris Center (I-10 at Beltway 8 West)
    More info at http://www.armahouston.org/?page=2012Conference
    If it is possible for your office to post this upcoming event, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Jim Dixon, Promotion Manager
    ARMA Houston Conference & Expo Committee

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