Digital newspaper archive delivered to Carrizo Springs

By Angela Ossar, Government Information Analyst

TSLAC’s Gilberto Herrera and Andy Puente recently returned from delivering the archive of the Carrizo Springs Javelin to their offices in Carrizo Springs, Texas, a town 117 miles southwest of San Antonio and roughly 45 miles from the Texas-Mexico borderThe Javelin employed TSLAC’s Imaging Services department to create microfilm and digital copies of the newspaper’s archive.

The archive, spanning almost one hundred years (1914-2010), required delicate handling — newspaper that’s made from wood pulp is designed for cheap production, not long-term preservation.  Early in the project, I was consulted by Imaging Services about some particularly brittle newspaper. I was able to take some pictures to send to TSLAC’s conservator, Sarah Norris, for advice on how to safely flatten the materials.

The newspapers had to be flattened in order to produce a usable digital/microfilm copy.

Brittle, crumbling edges

Four reels of microfilm, containing the most fragile of the newspapers (1914-1925), were produced at TSLAC; the remaining papers were then transferred to Precision Micrographics. The project produced 54 reels of microfilm (original and duplicates) and 66 CDs.

Andy Puente and Gilberto Herrera

Gilbert and Andy delivered the hardbound archive, microfilm, and digital copies to the Javelin in late May. The Javelin announced on its Facebook page that its digital archive will soon be available for research at the Dimmit County Library, and thanked Gilbert and Andy for the safe return of this invaluable record of life in Carrizo Springs. Nice work, Gilbert and Andy!

5 thoughts on “Digital newspaper archive delivered to Carrizo Springs

  1. I am VERY interested in this Javelin newspaper archives, as I think my great grandfather was shot/killed on the McCaleb farm on July 13, 1904(property owner I believe was the editor/publisher of the Javelin news in that timeframe being John Lafayette McCaleb). I was trying to find copies of any newspapers from Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County, TX in the 1904 timeframe and notice that your great job of digitizing and preserving 1914-1925 Javelin and wondered if by chance there are any early Javelin news (eg, 1904). I have thusfar only found one reference to the killing and it was in the Galveston Daily News, Thursday, July 14, 1904 and reads..

    Mr. Mxx Lehman Was the Victim – Particulars are Lacking.
    Speical to the News
    Carrizo Springs, Texas, July 13.– Mr M Lehman was shot and killed at an early hour this morning about three miles east of town on the McCaleb farm. No particulars of killing have been learned.

    I believe that the property owner (in my research) was John Lafayette McCaleb owner/operator of the Old McCaleb Merchantile in Carrizo Springs (and also the Editor/Publisher of the Javelin newspaper 1888-1904 timeframe).

    My great grandfather (Johann Maximillian Lehman/Lehmann) aka John and aka Max was an early Trail Driver in Texas (as was John Lafayette McCaleb). Family story was that my family went to meet the train several times to recover his body but it never arrived. It is possible that since the body may have been never returned (per family lore) that he may have been buried on the McCaleb property or nearby cemetery, but have found on official Texas death records or cemetery records of an interment. Wish we could find out how/why he was shot (several family lore versions exist) and where he may have been buried in 1904.

    If only I could find a local newspaper (eg, such as the Javelin) from 1904 it might give more details on the shoooting and ideas where he was buried (if buried).

    Congrats on the digitizing of the fragile newspapers! Am curious if anyone knows if any earlier Javelin newspapers were found.

    Any info or suggestions you might have, please email me.

  2. Carrizo Librarian:

    Again, today 02DEC2013 I have called Eddie Leonard to see what equipment he has access to in order to search for Max Lehmann. I have called a person that knew about a body being found on the Old Mc Caleb Farm where her Family was digging a “PIT” along a fence line that is no longer there.

    Over the past several years I have personally brought a copy of a micro-film that I had re-produced out here in California that covered what could be done back in the Fifties from 1895 to 1903. I have said the other film is in Austin and same numbers except for the last two or three digits for 1904 to 1913. I suggest someone go to Austin and maybe take Crystal Williams along as she knows her way around up there. Thanks…Dink Frazier

  3. My mothers family lived in Carrizo Springs from 1927 to present, the name is Speer. I am interested in any information that the paper may contain on my grandparents, Dewey and Ruthel Speer also Larry Speer my uncle. Any information on the Speer family or businesses, such as the Red and White market, Speer Motel would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time,Sheri Owens .

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