FY13 Records Center Fee Schedule

By Craig Kelso, Director, State and Local Records Management

To our state agency customers,

The FY2013 Fee Schedule for the State Records Center, which was approved by the TSLAC Commission on June 5, 2012, will take effect September 1, 2012. Download: Storage and Imaging Fees State Records Center FY2013 (PDF)

The State Records Center implemented a new fee schedule in FY2012 based upon an audit by the State Auditor’s Office, the Legislative Budget Board’s 2011 Government Effectiveness & Efficiency Report, and the final agency budget for 2012-2013, as approved by the Legislature. We adjusted our services and rates to recover more costs for records storage and imaging services under these mandates.

To keep the monthly per box storage fee as low as possible, the FY2012 schedule included set fees for a variety of common activities (accessions, destructions, deliveries, etc.).  After reviewing the first eight months of the new formula, we determined that the current level of funding needed to be adjusted for FY2013. The adjustment made was to increase activity fees for hard copy and microfilm which will keep the storage costs per box for hard copy and microfilm at their current levels.

While we fully recognize the difficulty of increasing the fees at the same time that state agency budgets have been reduced, we have been given clear directives to do this. We are doing our best to balance the requirements of the directive, maintain costs at a reasonable level, and continue to provide the level of service you have come to expect from the State Records Center.  What is included with each fee item is explained on pages two and three of the fee schedule.

Since it takes time to process and complete transactions for new accessions into the records center or destruction of records that have met their retention, please keep the following dates in mind if you wish to receive guaranteed FY2012 pricing:

August 6 – last day to submit destruction certificates or requests for permanent transfers for FY2012

August 22 – last day to submit new transmittals for FY2012

If we are able to process and complete transactions after these dates and prior to August 31, 2012 we will do so. However, due to staffing and the expected volume of requests, we may not be able to meet the August 31 deadline, and will not be able to offer FY2012 prices.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide these services to your agencies.