DIR Releases Expanded Social Media Guidance

If your office is using social media tools to connect with the public – or even if your office is thinking about or anticipating using social media in the future – then check out the Social Media Resource Guide published by the Department of Information Resources (DIR).  This free online tool kit currently offers in-depth strategy advice, policy and compliance guidance, and will eventually expand with tips on creating valuable content.

In the spring of 2011, DIR solicited all interested state agencies to form a social media work-group, which was eventually filtered down to a core group that committed to attending meetings and participating in collaborative editing. After about a year of work, the first section of the toolkit was ready to be published. The Social Media Guidelines section provides definitions, law citations, policy considerations and examples.

In March 2013, after translating more of the workgroup’s extensive research into an easy-to-use web page, DIR launched the second section which focuses on social media strategy. The third section, which is currently still being edited and not yet available online, will focus on how to effectively provide content for customers.

The Social Media Resource Guide was created by and for government agencies, but DIR promotes the use of this guide for any organization, public or private. Also, since the publication is online, it can be easily updated, which is a good thing since usage of social media evolves quickly!

Be sure to check out the archived recording of our Managing Social Media Records webinar that debuted last month, which explores what constitutes social media records, retention and disposition tips, and discussion of a few policy considerations mentioned in DIR’s resource guide.

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