Records Management Training Web Pages Redesign

By Angela Ossar, Government Information Analyst

As the Records Management Assistance unit’s training program has grown over the years, so has our web content. As we fell deeper into the chaos of adding more and more links to our home page, we realized we needed a simpler solution:  a one-stop-shop for records management training for Texas state and local government.

And so, we present our new Records Management Training home page:

SLRM Training Landing Page

Training for Texas Government Records Managers – Home Page

The new Records Management Training home page has given us a place to state our training program’s core mission: to provide foundational records management training to state agencies and local governments. For more advanced training, we have created a new page for External Training Sources, which lists some sources of records management and archives training from professional organizations like ARMA, AIIM, NAGARA, and many more.

Some other highlights of the new training home page:

On our main home page, we removed the individual links for Webinars, Online Courses, and face-to-face classes and replaced them with a single link: Training Classes and Conferences.  All of the old URLs will redirect to their new locations on the website.

We hope that our training pages redesign will make browsing our training opportunities easier for you. And who knows, you might just learn something!

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