State Retention Schedules Are Now Online

We are pleased to announce that all certified state agency records retention schedules are now available to download from our website.


Click image to visit the new page, or paste into your browser.

State agency records retention schedules are public information under the Texas Public Information Act. In fact, many of our own division’s Public Information Act requests are for copies of state agency records retention schedules. Having these schedules online will greatly expedite our response time to these requests.

We also provide these retention schedules as a service to state agencies. This list contains the most current certified retention schedules for all Texas state agencies. Should a question arise regarding which version of an agency’s schedule is the “official TSLAC-approved” version, one need look no further than this web page. The schedules might also be useful to agency Records Management Officers as a┬áresearch tool.

The State Agency Records Retention Schedules web page will be continually updated as retention schedules undergo recertification, amendments are added, and agencies are created and dissolved.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us regarding this new web page, please contact us at or (512) 463-7610.

2 thoughts on “State Retention Schedules Are Now Online

  1. Thank you for posting all of the RRS for the agencies on your site. It’s great being able to see how some of the other agencies structure their content.

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