New Year, New System: Here Comes Infolinx

records-center-portraitThis is the first in a series of articles that will be written by different members of the team who are involved in the implementation of Infolinx.  This article was written by Erica Wilson, Government Information Analyst.

Hey, TSLAC, what’s new with you?

Lots!  Last spring, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission released a Request for Proposal (commonly known as an RFP) to acquire a new physical records management software solution for the State and Local Records Management Division. After what felt like eons of evaluating written proposals, assessing live demonstrations, and attending enterprise-wide discussions regarding the responding companies’ products, we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Infolinx System Solutions to provide many of SLRM’s services to state agencies and local governments.

A new system? I don’t like new things.

What’s not to like? Infolinx has been providing contemporary, cost-effective, and innovative records management software solutions to a wide range of clients since 1987. Their determination to explore the latest technology platforms, environments, and devices has enabled them to provide browser-based, thin-client solutions and kept them as an industry leader.

That sounds like a sales pitch.

Well, it did come straight from their website. But I assure you, they have many happy clients in many different settings. For us, they are creating a product that is customized to our needs, is user-friendly, and has burnt orange tabs in the interface. As someone who appreciates a system that is intuitive and is also a UT Austin alumni, I can tell you that this product is easy to use and Longhorn fan-friendly. (Note: They didn’t really customize the interface to appease UT fans; that’s just the color they’ve been using for all systems. The system will work for fans of all teams.)

But can their system handle all the records at the State Records Center? After all, everything’s bigger in Texas.

They can handle it. Their clients include hospitals, federal agencies, other state archives and records centers, local governments, financial institutions – shall I go on?

Just a couple more.

Pharmaceutical companies, libraries, insurance companies… In other words, lots of different entities with lots and lots of records.

Okay, so they have some clients with a lot of records. What are they going to do for you guys?

Glad you asked. It’s more about what the system is going to do for you guys, our clients. With Infolinx, you’ll be able to log into their web portal to schedule pickups and deliveries, propose changes to your agency’s retention schedule, and request destruction of stored records.

Anything else?

As a matter of fact, yes! It will allow us to simplify and streamline our billing process. It will allow you to create new boxes and request approval for storage at the State Records Center. You can track your boxes, files (if you want to), and orders. Your agency’s retention schedule will be available at any time in a database for easy searching. It will make you better-looking. (Note: System will not make you better-looking. You are good-looking and perfect the way you are.)

Sounds pricey. What’s it going to cost me?

Nothing, if you have an internet browser. If you don’t have an internet browser, how are you even reading this?!

But you guys will be raising your fees, right?

That’s not the plan. Our fee schedule should stay the same. But if you’d like to tip me…

Nice try. So, you’ll let us know when it’s ready, right?

I’ll do you one better. This will be the first in a series of posts updating you about our progress with the new system. In mid-October, we began building the architecture: what fields need to be included, how the tabs will be organized, what needs to be a simple list and what needs to be a checkbox (Note: I’ve learned more about databases that I ever thought I would need to in the past few months. My degree in English did not prepare me for this project). So right now, it’s really difficult to give you an overall picture of the product – it’s kind of like trying to imagine a color you’ve never seen, like blorange. In the coming months, we’ll have updates about the progress we’re making, how we’re developing training, interim procedures, and other fun and informative stuff. Stay tuned!

One thought on “New Year, New System: Here Comes Infolinx

  1. Yeehaw! I bet this means my paper nightmare, er – make that records retention disposition work, will become just another distracting daydream. Thanks for the heads up Erica and I appreciate the great work you are doing to help all us records liaisons and managers.

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