Proposed Changes to State Recertification Rules

Public comments are now being accepted for proposed changes to our administrative rules for recertification of state records retention schedules.  The proposed changes were published in the June 20th issue of the Texas Register.  To view the proposed changes click here.

Currently, state agencies are required to submit their records retention schedules for recertification every 3 years. The proposed changes will amend this to every 5 years. The increase in time allows state agencies more time to develop their retention schedules. Updating a records retention schedule can be a very lengthy process, especially for large agencies with numerous divisions and departments.

If you have comments on the proposed changes to our state recertification rules you can submit them to Sarah Jacobson, Manager, Records Management Assistance, Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711; by fax to (512) 936-2306; or by email to

Any comments received will be presented to our Commission at their next meeting.  We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that our administrative rules are accurate, fair, and useful for the state agencies who use them.