Call Me, Maybe?

Michael Shea, Records Center Manager

Guest post by Michael Shea, Records Center Manager

Author: Michael Shea

We recently upgraded our antiquated (retro? throwback? vintage?) phone system at the State Records Center. We are now on the Capital Complex Phone System. However, to move to the new system we had to change all of our numbers. (We wanted to go with cell phones so we could keep our old numbers, but “they” said no).

If you’re on the same system then remember the number 5. 5 plus the four-digit extension will put you in touch with knowledgeable, friendly and dare I say awesome staff. We promise you will never hear this: “Hello, and welcome to The SRC Hotline, you are number 3,456 in line and have a 17 hour wait on hold.” We will have the same voicemail setup to take your call when we are working in the stacks or vaults, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For those not lucky enough to only dial 5 digits (beginning with 5) to reach us, you are still in luck! Because after dialing all these numbers below, you too get to speak to the same knowledgeable, friendly and awesome staff. What a deal!


512-475-5155 – This is the Circulation Desk – This is a great catch-all option. If you need a file, box, disaster recovery box or need us to come pick one up, this is the number for you. Ralph Wright is usually manning this number and if he can’t find your record, it is probably in that box next to your desk and not at the SRC. Even if the rest of us are absent, someone will be answering or responding to messages at this desk. Despite all the “5’s” I promise this is a real number and not a Hollywood fake “555” number. (replaces 421-7254)


512-475-5151Michael Shea – When in doubt, this will ring the manager who thinks he has figured out how to answer his new phone. He may/may not have answers, but he’ll try to give you one anyway. (replaces 421-7250)


512-475-5152 – Dee Riley – When in doubt, this will ring the Assistant Manager – Dee Riley, who is about 90% more likely to have an answer than the Manager. Dee knows everything about your stored microfilm, and which way the truck might be headed on any particular day and just about anything related to your inventory. She can also tell you why A&M is better (most of us disagree) or which pig you are more likely to win a ribbon with at the county fair. (replaces 421-7258)


512-475-5153 – Maria Silva – If there are boxes to be destroyed, transferred or for other inventory related conundrums – Maria is a good contact to keep in the rolodex. It just so happens she also makes the best salsa in the world. (If you still have a rolodex, let me know, I’m curious who’s still got one on their desk.) (replaces number 421-7264)


512-475-5167Bobby French – Bobby handles all incoming transmittals, and can assist on questions about E101 or 106 Numbers, any Tennessee related trivia, or can regale you with fun facts about squirrels. (replaces number 421-7256)


512-475-5162Pete Cortez – All things Imaging, except Polaroids. If you have questions about microfilming, digital scanning, or the digital archive writer Pete’s your man. (If you still take Polaroid pictures I want to hear about those too!) (replaces 421-7290)

In the next few weeks the old numbers will all go away. If you should happen to dial the old number you should get a recording that lists the new number associated with the old extension. But don’t take chances with your questions or requests. Add the new numbers to your contact list, a.k.a. the rolodex, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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