TSLAC and CCG Announce Updated Digital Imaging Contract

Digital Imaging Services (#920-C1)

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Council on Competitive Government (CCG) are pleased to announce a new, updated Digital Imaging Services contract that gives state agencies, local governments, and local co-ops the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files as well as to host and manage documents online. Multiple vendors can provide these services across Texas. The Master Contracts let you purchase from pre-approved vendors who have agreed to established terms and conditions. Also, it meets the statutory requirement for competitive bids and saves time in the purchasing process.

State agencies and local governments that wish to utilize the contract must first contact the TSLAC representative listed below. Additional information and forms are available on the TSLAC website: Obtaining Digital Imaging Services.

 Key Details

  • Contract #920-C1
  • NIGP Codes: 920-30, 958-82, 920-34, 990-28, 920-38
  • Contract Term:  Upon vendor’s receipt of Notice of Award letter to 8/31/2017 with 3 one-year renewal options
  • Vendors
    • CogniServ
    • Image API
    • Neubus
    • OpenText
    • Oveana
  • Managing Agency: Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)
  • State Contact: Nanette Pfiester, npfiester@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5477
  • Full contract details at http://www.ccg.state.tx.us/contracts/doc_image.php

Secure Document Destruction Services (#962-27)

If you have not looked at these services in a while, major changes happened in FY2013 when the contract expanded. Now, you have multiple, approved service providers across the state so agency field offices and local governments/co-ops can use this contract. Furthermore, TIBH Industries, Inc. coordinates the statewide participating service providers that are all Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs). This contract is both a CCG and a state use contract. The service providers under this contract are AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) to ensure secure handling and destruction of your government records and documents. Work with TIBH to identify which service providers can meet your requirements. The CCG website has contract information and pricing. TIBH’s website has TIBH Regions and Regional Contacts. Check the links below for these websites. State agencies and local governments will find additional contract information on the TSLAC website: Document Destruction Services.

The Secure Document Destruction Contract gives your government the ability to acquire efficient and secure destruction of confidential documents (paper and non-paper like microforms). Some service providers also handle electronic waste (e-Waste) and non-traditional materials (items with agency or program logos and information that are neither documents nor electronic waste). The Texas State Library and Archives Commission serves as the Subject Matter Expert for the contract. This agency provides assistance with state records management laws, retention schedules, retention periods, and documenting records disposition.

Key Details

  • Contract #050815-A-CCG-DD
  • NIGP Code:  962-27
  • Contract term: 09/01/2012- 8/31/2020
  • Services available throughout Texas
  • TIBH coordinates multiple service providers
  • Purchase Orders made out to:  TIBH Industries, Inc.
  • Managing Agency: Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)
  • State Contact: Nanette Pfiester, npfiester@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5477
  • Full contract details at http://www.ccg.state.tx.us/contracts/doc_destruct.php

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