e-Records Conference 2014

B2v84OCCcAIcUh-The 14th annual e-Records Conference, hosted by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), has been officially deemed a success by staff, exhibitors, and our guests.

Among the list of achievements we are counting: a full lineup of practical, engaging speakers and presentations that afforded everyone with copious takeaways. We had plenty of space to accommodate the 300+ attendees, including the optional overflow room with a live video feed – with no technical difficulties! – which is a blessing when relying on so many electronics to produce an event. The catered food and drinks were appreciated, and the bathrooms were not out of order for even a moment. But seriously, it took a village to make this event run smoothly, and the conference went on without a hitch.

Over the next month, we will be posting individual blog articles recapping each session:

Bret Adams will cover the presentation from DPS’ Natalie Acevedo titled “Streamlining with SharePoint”, focusing on how the agency was able to use their limited resources to implement efficient records management workflows.

Bonnie Zuber has the scoop on John Rhoades’ presentation on “Intentional Design”, which provides insight on how to involve various user groups in building a records management system that works best for each unique organization’s business needs.

Erica Wilson: will sum up “Negotiating Metadata Standards”, a presentation from Jessica Higgins and Katherine Cranford that goes over the efforts of City of Austin to implement a customized electronic document management system using standardized metadata that makes good business sense to all stakeholders.

Angela Ossar has an outline of Alan Webber’s presentation “Records, Records Everywhere” in which he took us back into the history of records management, discussed our challenges in the present, as well as exploring the future of the industry.

Michael Reagor will share an “ERM Case Study” that was presented by Barbara Mercer and Stephen Sepulveda as an a example of a successful collaborative effort between IT and RM.

Angela Ossar has details on the presentation from TSLAC’s own Mark Myers titled “Have Fun Storming the Castle” in which he discussed plans for the imminent acquisition of electronic records from the Office of the Governor as well as impending electronic archives from state agencies going forward.

Conference presentations will be posted on the e-Records Conference 2014 website within the next week, so be sure to keep an eye on that site. We will make an announcement on the blog when the presentations have been posted.

Feel free to leave your comments to share your own takeaways from this year’s conference.

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