Infolinx: We’re Rolling Out a New System

The new system will be slightly more advanced...

The new system will be slightly more advanced…

Regular readers of this blog may remember that we announced that we had begun development of a new physical records management, training, retention schedule, billing, and imaging software system with Infolinx System Solutions in January 2014.  We’re happy to announce that we are nearing completion of the new system.  We’ve been working diligently with Infolinx’s engineers in the last phase of the project, the functional stage, for a few months now – testing the different parts of the system, ironing out kinks, transferring data from our old system.  Our goal is to sign off on the functional copy in the beginning of April, and that’s when the real fun starts.

As with any new system, there will be new policies and procedures, both internal and external.  One thing many state agency RMOs will like is that they will be able to log into our system and see their holdings at the State Records Center at any time.  The system security features allow us to limit access only to information related to their agency.  In addition, the system allows for up to four levels of hierarchy so that access can be restricted between divisions and business units within the same agency.  The new system is structured using roles, rights, and permissions that grant even more security by being able to define what a user can or cannot do in the system.  We will work with RMOs to determine what kind of access should be granted for other records management personnel in their agency.

Another feature of the system is that we will now maintain retention schedules in the database.  This will mean that the procedures for submitting retention schedules will be evolving in the future.  The new 105, the form used to submit agency records retention schedules, will now be a Microsoft Excel form, which can be uploaded into the system by our staff, enabling quicker searching and comparing of schedules.  Agencies will be able to access their retention schedules in report form from Infolinx, which will look slightly different from the Microsoft Word format we use now. As always, we will continue to host all of the state agency records retention schedules on the State and Local Records Management page of our website, which can be accessed by anyone.

Similarly, the State Records Center customers will have the ability to query their holdings, without requesting and waiting for TSLAC-generated database reports.  Records won’t be entered in batches, but as individual records, which gives the customer even more granular control over their records.  State agencies will also have the ability to track files, by entering metadata for each file within a box.  However, agencies may continue to tract at the box level if they prefer.  The added flexibility will create an even more efficient and effective records tracking system, with less hurdles to storing their records.

State agency RMOs will be able to view a webinar exhibiting the different features and functions of the system in late March or early April.  By the time we roll out the system at the end of April, all RMOs on file with TSLAC will be entered into the system.  For those agencies storing or imaging records at the State Records Center, you should expect a request from us to confirm the individuals from your agency we currently work with are the same ones you want to have access to the new system and what level of access to grant them.  Agencies needing to recertify their records retention schedules will be contacted by a Government Information Analyst six months before their schedule is due, and the analyst will assist them in using the new form.  The will be plenty of TSLAC staff on hand to ensure a smooth transition to this new system.

As we move forward, we will make our new policies and procedures available to interested parties.  We look forward to providing even better customer service to all of our valued clients through the system in the near future!

4 thoughts on “Infolinx: We’re Rolling Out a New System

  1. Congratulations! I first want to thank Erica for a well-written and very informative update. The hard work of the entire SLRM team is nearing fruition. This is exciting news!

  2. This is to just let you know that Smith County’s Records Services Dept. also has an Infolinx RIM software system.

    Good luck with your Infolinx!

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Deborah,

    We are currently using Intersect’s services to convert our Word versions of state agency retention schedules into Excel, so that they may be imported into Infolinx. We are not using Intersect’s software, though.

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