Proposed Changes to Schedule GR: Construction Project Records

Local Government Records Retention Schedule Update

Local Government Records Retention Schedule Update

We are currently accepting public comments concerning changes to Local Schedule GR. The new 5th edition became effective September 15, 2015. We received comments concerning GR1075-16 Construction Project Records. We’ve addressed these comments and are proposing new amendments to Schedule GR. The proposed changes can be viewed in the Texas Register, December 4th issue. The copy of the schedule posted in the Texas Register is a clean version of the schedule and does not show all revisions. A copy showing all revisions is available for review on our website here.

If you have comments on the proposed changes to Local Schedule GR you can submit them to Sarah Jacobson, Manager, Records Management Assistance, Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711; by fax to (512) 936-2306; or by email to

Any comments received will be presented to our Commission at an upcoming meeting. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that our local retention schedules are accurate, fair, and useful for the local governments we serve.

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