What’s the Deal with Social Media?

Social media is a hot topic.

This much is apparent based on the questions analysts receive during state and local government consulting. Answering these types of questions are always challenging because social media is a relatively new invention that continues to grow in use and impact. It’s an even newer service for governments who, with increased frequency, are turning to social media in order to connect to the public.

A plethora of information exists on the topic and it’s hard to know (a) what applies to state and local governments, (b) what is true and not true, and (c) where to even start!

Social Media

To properly inform governments on everything they should know about using social media for their government body and managing potential records would result in a massive, potentially overwhelming post.

Because we don’t want to inundate our blog subscribers with a mega-post about the ins and outs of social media and records management, we’re going to embark on a social media series of blog posts where we will completely cover social media from top to bottom, including:

Let us know what social media questions you have or social media topics you’re interested in by commenting below.

Keep an eye out for the next post on social media coming soon!

2 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with Social Media?

  1. Thank you! I’m sure you’ve already had this question, but is any municipality dealing well with the issues of retention and destruction? To truly go by your records retention schedule, wouldn’t you have to go through every post and review content to determine retention length, and then destroy on that basis? Who has the staff to do it? Social media storage service providers are quick to point out the dangers of deleting too soon or inappropriately, but no one seems to discuss the converse. Would love to see how others are dealing with this! Thank you!

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