Off the Record: September- Disaster and Crisis Strategy, Social Voice, Body Cameras, and Rick Perry

Off the Record

Tune in monthly for a curated collection of articles we found interesting on a broad range of topics; some which are directly related to records management and others which might share common themes.

No, we didn’t write these articles —hence the name of this series, “Off the Record”— , but fortunately we didn’t need to in order to share the knowledge with our subscribers.

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North Carolina Blocks Release of Police Video – US News

Police body camera and dash camera footage is a hot topic in the media, from a general and a records management point of view.  In North Carolina, House Bill 972 (signed into law back in July) makes this footage exempt from public record.

What impact will this have and will the public be able to gain access to the information they request?

10 Signs Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Needs Updating – Government Technology

Disaster recovery and emergency preparedness is something that often gets pushed to the backburner for many governments. That is, until it’s actually needed.

Watch this quick 3 minute and 43 second video to learn 10 tell-tale signs your strategy needs a breath of fresh air.

Rick Perry’s Digital Legacy- Texas Digital Archive – Texas Tribune

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is very proud of their most recent endeavor, the Texas Digital Archive, that has put us on the map in terms of digital preservation and access. TSLAC received all the records from former Texas Governor, Rick Perry’s lengthy term. This included 4,000 cubic feet of paper as well as several terabytes of “born-digital” records; no small feat to say the least.

Ultimately, a team of archivists, Jelain Chubb, and Mark Myers were able to turn this problem into a solution.

A Blueprint for Crisis Communications in Local Governments – Media Cause

Emergencies and crises are not a matter of if, but when and local governments are no exception. These types of events can range from human-sourced to natural disasters and even of a health or public service breakdown.

This article illustrates that emergency preparedness should not be a super secret process that only comes to light in the event of a crisis, but rather is something better executed as everyday engagement. Read on for a blueprint you can adapt for your office.

Podcast: Creating an Authentic Social Voice, Converting Haters Along the Way – Paul W. Taylor & Dustin Haisler

Social media is not a phenomena likely to fade away any time soon. The expectation to bridge the divide and reach the public where they operate— online and via social media most often— exists not only for the private sector, but the public sector as well.

Don’t make the mistake coming across inauthentic and ruining your chance of social media success and instead foster an authentic voice. Your first step is listening to this podcast; Available via iTunes and Stitcher.

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