On the Road: Amarillo By Morning

One aspect of our jobs that we’d like to share more often in our blog is our on-the-road regional training to various parts of the state. Sometimes we are invited to speak among other guests at conferences or government association meetings. But sometimes we are invited to do an entire full-day workshop in city far enough that we have to fly. In fact, Texas is so big that we had to make a connecting flight in Dallas en route to Amarillo, so it took two airplanes with about an hour of flight time just to get from Central Texas to the Panhandle!

This month Megan and Bonnie went to Amarillo to provide Intro to Records Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Managing E-Records to a large class of government employees who deal with records management. We were able to bring with us activities, videos, and plenty of anecdotes to share along with our main presentations.

Amarillo Audience

20160908_173013Not only did we enjoy teaching and engaging with learners, but we really enjoyed the city itself! The cool temperatures were a nice break from the humid weather in Austin, and we enjoyed a variety of delicious food downtown. We were envious of the clear wide roads lacking bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Big thanks to the City of Amarillo, Panhandle Chapter of Texas Municipal Clerks, and the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission for hosting our workshop. Thank you also to all of the attendees who came from the surrounding area and other parts of the state to learn more about records management.

Amarillo Training Coordinators

If you’d like to explore training options in your area, email rm_trng@tsl.texas.gov or call our main number 512-463-7610.

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  1. I was so blessed to get to attend this class with my supervisor, I learned so much and have already used some of the training stuff, I look forward to using much more in the coming years.

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