On the Road: Open Government Conference

You might have noticed that we’ve been posting these shorter “On the Road” blogs lately, and that’s because we’ve been really busy getting out to regional workshops and conferences to teach about records management in Texas. We’re hoping to use the upcoming holiday season downtime to work on updating our course materials and maybe even resting a little before the new year.

Almost all of the analysts were on hand today to answer questions at the 2016 Open Government Conference in San Marcos. If you were there and are visiting our blog for the first time, check out the categories and tags on the right side column for topical posts, or look up your regional analyst to find your point of contact.oag

2 thoughts on “On the Road: Open Government Conference

  1. Hi Marianella, other than our annual e-Records conference on November 4, we will not be presenting again until Spring. Dates to be announced later.

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