On the Road: We Went to Wichita…Falls

wichitaIn our latest records management adventures, Bonnie and Erica traveled all the way north – almost to Oklahoma – to teach a workshop in Wichita Falls. We covered some of the basics like inventory and emergency preparedness, as well as more in depth discussions about managing email.

We enjoyed the local lunch cafes downtown and we really enjoyed the lack of traffic! Big thanks to the Wichita Falls Police Department and all of the attendees for having us.

If you’re interested in inviting TSLAC to conduct a regional workshop in your area, please find more information on our training webpage Records Management Workshops by Request.

One thought on “On the Road: We Went to Wichita…Falls

  1. Way to go… I had a similar experience in September while attending NARA training. Discovered downtown Fort Worth, totally walkable… and the museum areas. No traffic! Reminded me of Germany.

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