We Don’t Retreat, We Attack!

Author: Michael Shea

donut fuel“SNAP!” That was the crisp sound of tape being removed from the doughnut boxes as staff exchanged groggy good mornings inside Dock #1 on Friday morning before the sun even came up on March 24th.

It might have a been a good day to stay in and reflect on our achievements and future plans, maybe an ice breaking exercise and basking in our current glory…but no! SLRM had decided it was to be a day of hard work and superhuman feats instead. (We don’t do retreats, we do “attacks!”)

teamworkDue to the large influx of boxes rolling into the center recently, we decided it would be a good idea to shut the SRC down for a day and invite the SLRM Government Information Analysts out to assist us in catching up.  We stuffed our faces with doughnuts, gulped down extra caffeine, and set out to move over 1,300 boxes upstairs to their new homes on the shelves in the records center.

Staff were paired off into teams with names like “Bollywood” and “Stickyfingers” and were set loose on various tasks like stickering, down-stacking, transporting, and finally, shelving the massive sets of records.

Management figured it would take most of the day to complete this huge move of records, but they assumed WRONG. Because by lunch time (PIZZA!) we could see the staff had exceeded expectations and had nearly completed the entire accession.

chill outSo, we shifted gears and began also pulling a large disposition. In all, the teams moved over 2,300 boxes either to or from their homes on the shelves at the State Records Center.  They also moved almost 7,000 reels of microfilm from an upstairs vault to a new vault in the front office area of the SRC.

From the State Record Center perspective, we learned that our coworkers are very hard workers who do not shy away from a physical challenge and it was awesome to see them volunteer here to help us out. We ate empty calories, listened to music, broke a sweat, and made a lot of progress. The teams worked really well together and achieved more in one day than could reasonably be expected. We can’t wait for the next shut down day attack!

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