A Day in the SLRM Life: Bonnie Zuber

Welcome to a new series that we (myself in particular) hope to continue throughout the year in between more serious posts about hot topics like records management policies for e-records and security breaches. A glimpse into a day in the life of a State and Local Records Management (SLRM) team member.

It has probably crossed some of your minds at least once, “What do these SLRM people do, exactly?” We analysts usually sum up our work with short bulleted list like: consulting, training, schedule reviews, and other special projects as assigned. When I’ve brought up the idea to do a ‘day in the life’ series to my colleagues, they envisioned that short bulleted list and asked for the point since we all do the same thing.

Well, despite our similar core responsibilities, we all have unique personalities, interests, and skill-sets. In my experience so far, when we exhibit our uniqueness to the people we’re teaching or helping, they seem to engage and enjoy our service more.

This is my fifth year as a Government Information Analyst at TSLAC (please hold the applause until I get my celebratory coffee mug soon!), and as I’ve grown more comfortable in this job I’ve exhibited more of myself in my work. For example, in classes I try to exercise deadpan humor to liven up otherwise boring discussions about cleaning out email inboxes. I’m also one of the few people in existence who kind of enjoys cleaning and organizing, so I frequently have to decline visiting people’s offices and homes to help them tidy up.

BZ cubicle
I even decorate with dry humor.

So what is a typical work day like for me?

Lately, I start the day by opening whichever PowerPoint presentation I’m focusing on at the moment, because we are finalizing some design updates to many of our workshops and course materials. This morning I felt like a pre-programmed Powerpoint robot who hurriedly clicked buttons at break-neck speed through a slide deck to make sure it was ready to be printed by the deadline. It was!

I took a break to check the news – no apocalypse today, phew! – and then answered a couple of emails from people asking how long to keep various records. I looked at stack of nearly a dozen state retention schedules that are on my plate to be reviewed, but looking at it was about all that happened so far. (By the way, I’m not just being lazy, it’s just that all the Courts of Appeals submit theirs together!)

Then I started writing this blog article because we needed some content for our blog this week. I checked a voicemail that had been left earlier in the day and was super relieved to hear that it was just a vendor trying to offer me services for “my business”, which I deleted before he even described the offer. And to finish out my day, I will be fulfilling the request from an associate who asked for the compliance status for every elected office of a particular county. This is one of the least interesting but most important tasks that we do, so I usually jam out to BeyoncĂ© while looking at paperwork.

Stay tuned for future episodes of A Day in the SLRM Life, and hopefully you’ll enjoy learning more about our team!

2 thoughts on “A Day in the SLRM Life: Bonnie Zuber

  1. Nice to have a real life “day” in print and published. We do so much more than a list of bullet points.
    Thanks for being candid.

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