Off the Record: Take a trip to Waco, Washington D.C., and Ohio!

Off the Record

Tune in monthly for a curated collection of articles we found interesting on a broad range of topics; some which are directly related to records management and others which might share common themes.

No, we didn’t write these articles —hence the name of this series, “Off the Record”— , but fortunately we didn’t need to in order to share the knowledge with our subscribers.

Let us know in the comments below what topics you are interested in learning more about!

“County Digitizing Marriage Records Back to 1850” – Waco Tribune-Herald

One of Austin’s neighbors to the north, McLennan County, have begun a massive undertaking in the scanning and preservation of the county marriage records spanning from 1850-1996. The resulting database will be a godsend for people working on their genealogy and is also a coup in terms of access and long-term preservation. When current county clerk Andy Harwell was elected in 1994, the county’s records were not backed up, spelling disaster in the event of an emergency, like a tornado or fire or flood. That’s all changed now.

“Revising a Retention Schedule: Lessons Learned”– The Schedule (SAA Blog)

Are you a Texas state agency on a 5-year recertification schedule and TSLAC is breathing down your neck — Ha! We don’t do that! — for submission of an updated schedule? Maybe you’re a diverse and complicated local government with a need for a specialized retention schedule. Look no further than this article from The Schedule, the blog maintained by the Records Management Section of Society of American Archivists.

Structured around several key lessons learned by the author, including the importance of research, the virtue of patience, and the leverage a crisis can offer to records professionals in illuminating the importance of up-to-date retention schedules and records management policies, any RIM professional can take something away from this read.

“NARA Review of Proposed CIA Records Schedule” – Records Express (NARA Blog)

NARA is the federal version of TSLAC and they have their own blog, too! Most recently, they’ve reported on the agency’s proposed changes to the CIA records schedule. Just like on the state level, federal government business generates records and, despite whether the records contain confidential information, they still have to be maintained for a certain period of time. The CIA is no exclusion!

Check out this short post for links to more information as well as provide some input during the public notice and comment period!

Warren County Records Center & Archives

Take a break from your daily work and check out the Lebanon, Ohio-located Warren County Records Center & Archives who have harnessed the power of social media to broaden the audience for their archive and amp up interest, both local and beyond, in the little and grand treasures of their holdings.

They also share tidbits about the recent going-ons of the office, such as the transfer of historical records into a new space with climate control [see below].

Christmas in July!Recently we acquired new space for a majority of our really old records! This is very exciting for…

Posted by Warren County Records Center & Archives on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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