State Records Center Update – Achievements Unlocked

Author: Michael Shea

Howdy Blog Readers! It’s time for an SRC update, whether you want one or not. (OH, YOU WANT ONE)

I am decidedly NOT a math guy, though I have to admit that my penchant for numbers has evolved in my position here.  One tool that has been fantastic for my use is our inventory system, Texlinx. Using simple searches and exports, I can pretty much pull any information and present it in a variety of formats.  In previous systems we used, we had one IT person who could produce reports for us, using a third party report writer. If that sounds confusing and less than impressive to you, then you are reading this correctly.

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My Director, Craig Kelso is decidedly a numbers guy and between the two of us, we have found that predicting trends at the SRC is not a simple endeavor. We are tasked with predicting the record increases and disposition flows months prior to the beginning of each fiscal year so that we aren’t under or overcharging our customers. Given our status as a full cost recovery entity we must do our best to thread the needle every year on breaking even. Thankfully, despite our inability to predict each of our 80+ customers’ plans, Craig manages to get the numbers right or darned close to right, every time. So, how does he do that?  There are formulas and symbols that frankly perplex me.  So, I’ve determined that he is either cheating, psychic, or is a friend of the psychic network, because he has me stumped.  (Actually, it’s probably my old enemy: The Maths Language)

One thing I can do is to quickly and easily reproduce the numbers from the system to come up with some stats that show past trends.  Okay nerds, grab your calculators and slide rules and get ready for the thunder! (of numbers?).  I plan on getting as many numbers as I can in less than five minutes:

32,572 – Total accessions (aka boxes coming to the center for the first time) in FY2017… SO FAR – WE STILL HAVE TWO WEEKS!!!

17,221 – Total accessions in FY2016. That there is like half of FY2017!

26,023 – Number of boxes we destroyed, decimated, and demeaned in FY2017. We actually insult each box before we destroy it. We destroyed 15,691 boxes in FY2016. So, I know it’s not almost double, but it’s inching up towards double, so that shows that we were pretty busy with the ins and outs of FY2017.

“But Michael, you don’t just take it in and destroy it, what other numbers can you share with us?” said nobody, ever.

Well, except for Craig, of course! But I will answer anyway.

28,733 – Number of records we moved (circulated) in FY2017 and that is the out and the in or the in and not the out or vice versa. Confused?  Yes, you should be.  Actually that number represents each time we physically touched a record and billed you for the circulation.

25,039 – Number of records we moved in FY2016. Fewer, but not half!

Some random number fun:

40,310 – Files Created since Texlinx system came onboard (May 2015)

2,174 – Total users who have “Texlinked”

332,065 – This is my favorite number. It is the storage count for boxes, which is the most full the center has been since I’ve been out here at Shoal Creek.  That leaves us with somewhere around 50,000 spaces for new boxes. This is the part of the blog where I am a used car salesman and try to “put your records into something nice” like this Records Center. It’s cool, comfortable and it won’t break down on Mopac!  So, feel free to fill up the Records Center by sending us 50,000 more records.

Really, the most important number is 15, which is the number of staff at the SRC making this magic happen year in and year out. I’ve had a few occasions this year to pry myself away from the computer and work in the warehouse on a day of pulling or putting up, and it takes me a few days to recover.  Staff here roll up their sleeves and makes these numbers happen through extremely physical work.  They also provide excellent customer service and are really fun to work with. (Except when they work me like a rented mule in the warehouse).

My next blog will be about the mysteries of Imaging numbers and why Microfiche counts made me bald.

3 thoughts on “State Records Center Update – Achievements Unlocked

  1. Thanks for your comment. We’ll keep this in mind for a future archives-related blog article.

  2. Howdy Paul:
    The SRC does transfer records to the State Archives as a part of our disposition process for our customers. So if a record is tagged as Archival (review or direct transfer) we contact the Archives and work out the transfer logistics with them. We don’t have anything to do with the records that move directly from the agencies or local governments to the Archives so that’s one number I don’t have my finger on!

    Quick note – the Records Center is bone dry after Harvey dumped about 16 inches of rain on the area. (YAY!)

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