e-Records 2017: Video and Wrap Up

To close out this year’s e-Records Conference coverage, here is a listing of all the session recaps and a video produced by TSLAC’s Communications team. We hope you enjoyed the conference and look forward to next year!

Presentation materials from the conference are available on the e-Records 2017 website.

  1. Information Governance: Take Control and Succeed
  2. The Public Information Act and Updates from 85th Legislative Session
  3. TSLAC Wants Your Electronic Records
  4. Establishing Information Governance for Local Governments in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365
  5. Data Protection and Information Governance across Data Silos
  6. Big Data vs. Information Security: Bringing Peace to Conflict
  7. Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The Information Governance Journey
  8. How to Succeed at Information Governance in the Cloud


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