Off the Record: Federal Record Keeping in a Digital Dark Age, Capture and Protect Social Media from the Wolf

Off the Record

Tune in monthly for a curated collection of articles we found interesting on a broad range of topics; some which are directly related to records management and others which might share common themes.

No, we didn’t write these articles —hence the name of this series, “Off the Record”— , but fortunately we didn’t need to in order to share the knowledge with our subscribers.

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“Trump’s argument in record-keeping case: ‘Courts cannot review the president’s compliance with the Presidential Records Act'” – Washington Post

Government attorneys cited The Presidential Records Act of 1978 in response to a case that could help determine whether open-government laws are keeping pace with frontiers in communications technology. The last time similar questions were tested — in two appeals court decisions from 1993– judges at the time did not hesitate to rule the records law encompassed the exploding use of email.

“Scientists warn we may be creating a ‘digital dark age'”– MSN

Logically following through to the future the current trend of digital everything, paper — less, scientists remark much of our digital information is at risk of disappearing in the future. In decades past, information and material existed as either exclusively a physical record or some combination with electronic; nowadays little to no physical record exists. Rick West, a Google data manager, notes, “We may [one day] know less about the early 21st century than we do about the early 20th century”.

“The Wolf: The Hunt Continues” – BrightTALK

Featuring Christian Slater, actor, it almost seems like he is threatening viewers; painting a picture of a Wolf –on the prowl, potentially accessing your information, breaking down network security and devouring data. Watch this free webinar– and others to come– to improve your security.

“How to Save Everything You Post to Social Media” – Popular Science

David Nield, avid writer of tech DIY tips and tricks, discusses a concept that is close to many information and records manager’s hearts– the elusive art of capturing social media. Once you determine that a post is a record in need of capture, set yourself to the task and review this article. In a post marketed for the general Facebook-Twitter-Using public, Nield utters a galvanizing statement: “[W]hen you share a post on social media, also save it [elsewhere]. This will not only save your social media hits for posterity, but also make them easier to find if you ever need to rediscover them“.


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