New Video Course for State Agencies

Are you new to state records management or need a refresher? We are pleased to announce a new online video course for state agency records management officers and records liaisons. (For those of you working for counties, municipalities, school districts, etc., we are currently revamping local government online courses as well!)

Click here to access the video on the course page.

This 30 minute video course covers the basic concepts of records management: legal obligations, definitions, and how to read a retention schedule. Learn some practical tips on managing email, and get some guidance on how to identify and protect vital state records. We will also cover the disposition process for how to handle records at the end of their life cycle.

As an RMO, you can use this video course as a topic refresher, share with someone taking over duties or any records liaisons in other departments, or you could even download the presentation and adapt for your own training purposes! We will be further developing our online courses to add video and interactive functionality, so stay tuned for more.


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