RIM Month Fun: Emoji Records Management

Emoji Records Retention Schedule

At some point in the introduction to records management training courses for both local governments and state agencies we discuss what the different retention codes on the retention schedules mean.

Normally it looks and goes something like this:

Local Government Retention Codes

Local Government Retention Codes

State Agency Retention Codes

State Agency Retention Codes





We say it’s time for a little update. Better yet, let’s bring the retention codes into the 21st century with a new shorthand translation to which our instant-communication-primed brains can recognize and respond.





Emoji Retention Code Translation

A graph of retention codes and various emoji graphics expressing their meaning



























In fact, while we’re on this topic, why not a bit of records management basics reimagined for this day and age?

Records Management Basics – Redux

Retain records that meet the definition of government record for the full, minimum retention period.

This ultimately means protecting them against lossSad, theft Evil,  and degradation.

When the retention period is up Glad, it’s time to finally dispose of your records. Thumbs upTrash Can


Stop HandAlways remember to take any disposition holds into consideration.

This would signal that you should not Thumbs Down Trash Candestroy a record.

Examples of Disposition Holds – Emoji-fied

A graph of disposition holds and various emoji graphics expressing their meaning

















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  1. Those retention codes are awesome, and if they don’t make it onto the SLR 105 I will be severely disappointed.

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