1010: Electronic Records Day 2018

Happy 1010!

Today we celebrate Electronic Records Day, which raises awareness about the crucial need to manage and preserve government electronic records. CoSA State Electronic Records Initiative’s Advocacy and Outreach Subcommittee has developed several informational resources available on their website: https://www.statearchivists.org/programs/state-electronic-records-initiative/electronic-records-day/electronic-records-day-promotional-materials/.

We like to raise awareness of the challenges of managing eRecords throughout the year, so here is a selection of previously published blog articles on various eRecords topics:

Social Media and Text messaging:

Policies, procedures, and more:

Search our eRecords tag to find even more of our posts focused on the topic of managing electronic records.

eRecords Events and Training Opportunities

  • The DIR Statewide Data Program overview offers ten short video segments based on the Data Management Book of Knowledge. Watch all ten or just segment #1 Overview and Segment #9 Document & Content Management.
  • Check out DIR’s calendar of events to find training opportunities on various information technology topics.
  • TSLAC’s state records management assistance has archived over 20 webinars (45 minutes each) including a 30-minute online introductory video and webinars on electronic records management, digital imaging, shared drive cleanup, emergency planning and more.
  • 11/16 DIR & TSLAC 2018 e-Records Conference – register In October for this joint event scheduled in November – registration fee increases after October 26 if space is still available.

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