e-Records 2018: Tackle Tough E-Records Challenges

Another e-Records Conference is in the books! We more than met expectations this year with over 350 people in attendance representing about 60 state agencies, 61 local government entities, and 22 vendors. We also had 23 speakers providing 12 educational sessions (the most sessions ever!) focused on this year’s theme of tackling tough e-records challenges – data mapping, e-records assessments, information governance, long-term preservation, and more. This year did not disappoint!

The day started with welcoming remarks and updates from the host agencies, Texas State Library and Archives Commission and Department of Information Resources, including updates on DIR’s Digital Storage Study Report.

We then welcomed this year’s keynote speaker, Benito Ybarra, Chief Audit and Compliance Officer, Texas Department of Transportation. Mr. Ybarra provided great insight from the audit perspective and called on records managers to “open our minds to new possibilities.”

In looking at the legal definition of records management, Mr. Ybarra has observed that records managers spend a lot of time perfecting the first half of the definition but spend less time on the latter. As records managers try to gain new and continued support for their programs, more time needs to be applied to exposing the cost savings and improved efficiencies that a records management program can provide to its organization. He implored records managers to have an “expansive and dynamic presence” and to “get out of your comfort zone” – know your vision and goals and how they can be strategically tied to the overall vision and mission of your organization. Know your value to the organization and showcase how your program can lead to reducing costs and improving efficiencies in your organization. Download a PDF copy from our conference webpage to explore more of his dynamic presentation.

Want more recaps? We’ll be recapping more of the sessions over the next few weeks. Want to relive it all again? Watch our video recap of e-Records Conference 2018.

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