Revisions to Juvenile Records Series – Effective March 25, 2019

Revisions to Local Schedules CC, DC, LC, and PS, concerning juvenile records will be effective March 25, 2019. The revised schedules are published for adoption in the March 22, 2019 issue of the Texas Register. The new schedules supersedes the older editions.

Please note other sections of the schedules have not been revised at this time; only revisions to sections relating to retention of juvenile records have been updated.

You can find the new editions on our Local Retention Schedules page.

Do the new rules apply to records created before the effective date?

Yes, the new retention periods are retroactive. This means that all of your records, whether they were created before or after March 25, will be subject to the new retention rules.

What do we need to do?

If your government has adopted TSLAC’s Local Schedules by submitting form SLR 508 (Declaration of Compliance with the Records Scheduling Requirement of the Local Government Records Act), you can begin following the new retention periods immediately. Be sure to notify any affected departments of this change.

If your government has been following a custom records control schedule, you must amend your schedule with the new retention periods (using forms SLR 540 and SLR 520) or adopt our published local retention schedules by submitting form SLR 508.

To download any of the above forms, go to:

What about TSLAC’s other retention schedules?

We will be updating other retention schedules as revisions are necessary, so please stay up-to-date on future changes (and give feedback on proposed updates) by subscribing to The Texas Record.

More questions?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your analyst.

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