Records Management Bills in the 86th Legislative Session

“So what bills are you following this session?” That is a common question I get in my email inbox or from RMOs when I’m at meetings. It’s a great question.

My answer is that our division is trying to identify and follow bills that have the potential to affect retention schedules either at an agency level or across state and local governments. Whether they prescribe retention periods, create new reporting requirements, take away requirements, include years for retention, refers to a statute of limitations or address emerging technologies, there are a number of ways new legislation can affect state agency or local government retention schedules.

“It’s a long, long wait
While I’m sitting in committee”

We do our best to find as many as we can. However, we don’t receive a request for a fiscal note on every bill (thank goodness!) that affects records retention or have the opportunity to read every bill, committee substitute or amendment to see if a retention period is part of the proposed language. So far this year we have identified over 100 bills. Below is a listing of bills we are tracking, who they affect and the reason we believe the bill might affect records retention.

Download PDF: 86th Legislature – Records-Related Bills

Now it’s my turn to ask the RMOs and records managers following our blog… what bills are you tracking? Are there any that you think could affect retention or program records at your agency that are not on our list? If your answer is yes, then please contact us with the bill number we should add to our list.

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