New Records Analyst Classification Job Descriptions

Each biennium, the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) publishes a report recommending changes to the State’s Position Classification Plan. As part of the process, they request feedback regarding changes to the Plan covering positions in Salary Schedules A and B. 

Several agencies have reached out to TSLAC about pursuing the Records Manager and/or Records Analyst designation with the SAO. Some of their reasons were:

  • to move away from using librarian or archivist job series while still reducing the number of program specialist classifications in their agency
  • to develop a career ladder within their records department
  • to further recognize the important role records managers have in coordinating the information governance of their agency.

SLRM staff began researching the idea in 2015 while developing a career ladder for the Government Information Analysts. In 2016, we submitted a proposal for a Records Manager classification to the SAO. When the recommendation was not accepted, we reached out to the records management community for input and resubmitted a slightly different proposal in 2018. The result this time is the addition of the Records Analyst job description to the FY2020-2021 biennium classification plan.   

The Records Analyst I-III classifications are salary groups B15/B17/B19. For larger agencies these positions could be staff reporting directly to the RMO or adding some of the work performed descriptors to the job descriptions for records liaisons in other agency divisions or programs. For small to mid-sized agencies they could be used when hiring a dedicated RMO or added to the job description for those within agencies that split their time as the agency RMO and their other duties. The descriptions can also provide a framework for discussions with the executive level on expanding the records program.

I would personally like to thank the dedicated TSLAC staff and all the RMOs and Records Managers who assisted us in developing the criteria for the submission. As you begin implementing the classifications, if you see gaps in duties that we should add in the future please let us know. If you have some thoughts for additional records management classifications let us know those too.   

Records Analyst I / Records Analyst II / Records Analyst III

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  1. We did use the ARMA job descriptions to help develop these classifications. However we have not done specific crosswalks to the ARMA International Competencies. This is something we may consider doing the next time we are able to submit suggested revisions to the job descriptions.

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