Now Available: Social Media Webinar Recording

by Erica Rice

Thank you to the over 200 viewers who attended our webinar on Managing Social Media Records last month! It’s fantastic to see that so many local governments and state agencies have an interest in capturing their social media records and managing their disposition.  We had some fine questions from the audience, and it was a great opportunity to interact with governmental organizations all over the State of Texas.

Topics Covered

Screenshot of Webinar Agenda
  • basic definitions for state records, public information, and social media tools
  • how to determine when a social media post is a state record
  • how to handle capture, storage, retention, and disposition of social media records
  • important things to consider when formulating social media policies

Webinar Recording and Supplemental Materials

If you missed the webinar (or if you were there live and just want to revisit some of the slides), we have a recording of the presentation right here:

The recording can also be accessed on our training webinars page. Additionally, this page contains supplemental articles and social media guides, as well as a copy of the presentation slides.

Call for Future Topics

Caution: Analysts at Work

So what’s next? Well, your analysts are currently busy creating content for more webinars in the near future.  Leave a comment, and let us know which topics you want us to cover!  Want to take a deeper dive into retention schedule certification?  Been wondering how to manage email or other electronic records?  Let us know in the comments, and you may see your topic of choice being broadcast live from Austin.

As always, if you have any questions about our webinars or records management in general, give us a call at 512-463-7610 or email us at slrminfo @ tsl . texas . gov.

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