The SAFE-D Dance

“We can dance, we can dance, everybody’s takin’ the chance.”

I’m not sure if there is actually any dancing during the SAFE-D Annual Conference, but I am sure that I’m not the only one who gets the iconic Men Without Hats song stuck in my head when coordinating with this awesome organization.

The State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts (SAFE-D) is a professional organization with the mission of supporting emergency services districts (ESDs) in the state of Texas. You can read more about ESDs on the SAFE-D website:

This was my fifth year to have the honor of speaking at this conference, so I wanted to commemorate it with some photos I took while in Galveston last weekend. I often say that this is my favorite conference to speak at because I’m surrounded by emergency personnel if anything were to go wrong! Not only that, but the men and women who work for ESDs are really friendly and smart folks. Many of them take records management seriously, and I swear I receive an influx in compliance forms submitted after the conference each year. :)

We appreciate working with ESDs to improve their records management programs, and we aim to keep collaborating with SAFE-D in the coming years to share our training resources.

Fire engines on display in the exhibit hall.
A demo model ambulance for sale at the conference
A fire truck called Brush

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