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We know that you must like our blog, The Texas Record, if you are coming here to read our articles, but our agency hosts a wealth of information on our Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) website. Not only the retention schedules and training resources offered by the State and Local Records Management division, but the research assistance available from the Archives and Reference Services, the accessible reading services provided by the Talking Book Program, and the support for public library services by the Library Development and Networking group.

TSLAC is conducting a survey to help us improve our website. Can you easily find what you need from us? Is there a feature that you’ve seen on other websites that you’d like to see implemented on ours?

It only takes takes 5-9 minutes to complete the TSLAC Website Survey.

This research will help us understand how the daily lives of Texans are touched by our work and how our online presence can facilitate this service.

The survey does not require that you have any knowledge or opinion of TSLAC, and our questions do not make any judgments about you, whether you do or don’t. Your honest and straightforward responses will help us the most, so if you don’t know something, feel free to share that. All responses are completely anonymous. While responses will be recorded to make use the data, we will not be able to track nor identify respondents in any way.

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