Revised Local Schedule EL – Effective March 18, 2020

The fourth edition of the Local Schedule EL – Records of Elections and Voter Registration – specifies the revisions, updates and new series passed by Senate Bill 5, 85th Legislature and House Bill 2910, 86th Legislature. The updated schedule EL took effect on March 18, 2020 and published on our Local Retention Schedules page on the TSLAC website, and on the Texas Register website. The revised schedule supersedes the third edition.

The amended schedule removed obsolete language and applied changes to the Election Code, such as updated mandates of the 22-month retention period on Precinct Election Records and other applicable documentation. The following series received amendments:

22-month retention mandate:

EL3100-01a EL3100-01b EL3100-01c EL31000-3b
EL3100-03c(1) EL3100-04a(1) EL3100-04c(2) EL3100-06a
EL3100-10a EL3100-10c EL3100-10e EL3100-11a
EL3100-11b(1) EL3100-11b(2) EL3150-06d EL3150-06e

Other amendments such as citations, language, new series:

EL3100-01a EL3100-10a EL3100-10c
EL3100-11b EL3125-03b EL3125-04
EL3150-02a EL3150-03g EL3150-07a

How does this affect you?

If your government adopted Local Schedule EL by submitting form SLR 508 (Declaration of Compliance with the Records Scheduling Requirement of the Local Government Records Act) or form SLR 512 (Records Management Policy and Declaration of Compliance by an Elected County Official) you may begin following the new retention period immediately. Notify the affected departments of the new changes to the retention schedule.

What about records created before the effective date?

Yes, the new retention periods are retroactive. This means that all your records, whether they were created before or after March 18, will be subject to the new retention rules.

More questions?

If you have more questions or concerns, please contact your analyst.

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