RIM Month Fun: Memes

SLRM likes to make a fun post every April to celebrate RIM month. In the past, we’ve done Emoji Retention and RIM Mad Libs. It’s been a difficult RIM Month 2020 – with event cancellations, folks working from home, and everyone figuring out new workflows to serve Texans. We could all use a mirthful chuckle right about now.

Without further adieu, SLRM is pleased to present some original memes we’ve been kicking around internally.

Local government compliance has gotten a little more streamlined. Stay tuned for a future post that discusses ways to customize your retention schedule internally.
Still don’t understand Animal Crossing, but if your plants are documenting public business, you’ll want to include the Public Works schedule on your SLR 508!
5th Edition of the RRS is coming soon. Just wait till you see the buckets!
Complaints on Facebook have a home in Local Schedule GR.
This really is our most frequently asked question. And our most frequently linked to blog article. A little peek behind the curtain!
After consultation with your RMO to determine that in fact this information is transitory – hit delete.
Good luck getting that hyperlink to work!
Check that Sent Folder!
The most interesting man in the world does disposition correctly.
Things are getting weird while everyone is working from home.
The 4th Edition of the RRS had an obscure AC trigger that no one understood. It’s going away, but we couldn’t help ourselves!
Yup. Put them in folders!
A preview of what’s to come with the 5th edition of the RRS. We are pumped!
Secretive moves by an RMO.
A month and half into our Stay at Home Order, SLRM is happy to have kept up our commitments to the state of Texas!
We were devastated by this.
Who needs to hear this?
Being able to properly classify your email is crucial!
One day in the not too distant future, the AC + 4 series for contracts will fade away. But until then, use both series!

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