Debut of the Texas State Records Retention Schedule (RRS): 5th Edition – 5/10/2020

On May 10, 2020, the newest and fifth-est edition of the Texas State Records Retention Schedule (RRS) will go live! The amendments to 13 TAC ยง6.10(a) are adopted as an administrative rule of the commission – see the full official announcement on the Texas Register. For state agency and state university RMOs, this means that all previous versions of the RRS will be obsolete, and your organization must follow all the minimum retention periods in the fifth edition, effective May 10, 2020:

Click here to view the RRS (5th Edition).

Please note: This retention schedule is only for state agencies and universities. Local governments in Texas should continue following local retention schedules.

So what changed? If you want to see a list of every single change that was made to the fourth edition of the RRS, here is an exhaustive list.

For those who want that aforementioned list analyzed and made into a neat, concise, easy-digestible summary, well…that is what we’re here for!

What’s shiny and new?

These 21 series are brand new to the schedule. You may have seen similar series on the local side, or had versions of these in your own agency’s schedule – but now they’re officially a state minimum:

  • 1.1.076 Subpoenas (Retention: AC)
  • 1.1.077 Release of Records Documentation (Retention: AC)
  • 1.1.078 Waivers of Liability (Retention: AC+3)
  • 2.2.017 Help Desk Tickets (Retention: AV)
  • 2.2.018 Biennial Information Security Plan (Retention: US)
  • 3.1.040a/b/c Employee Drug Testing and Screening Records (Retention: 5/2/1)
  • 3.1.041 Employee Acknowledgment and Agreement Forms (Retention: AC+2)
  • 3.1.042 ADA Accommodation Requests (Retention: AC+2)
  • 3.3.033 Recruitment Plans (Retention: 3)
  • 4.5.010 Unclaimed Property Reports and Documentation (Retention: AC+10)
  • 4.7.013 Federal Tax Information (FTI) Audit Logs (Retention: 5)
  • 4.7.014 Indirect Cost Plans (Retention: AC+3)
  • 4.8.001 Banking Records (Retention: FE+3)
  • 5.1.018 Surveillance Videos (Retention: AV)
  • 5.2.029 Returned Mail (Retention: AC+1)
  • 5.3.010 Vendor Records/W-9 (Retention: AC+3)
  • 5.4.014a/b Accident Reports (Retention: AC+3)
  • 5.4.015-5.4.016a/b Hazardous Materials (Retention: AC+30/US+2)
  • 5.4.017 Emergency Response and Recovery Records (Retention: 3)
  • 5.4.018 Annual Audit Plan (Retention: AC+7)
  • 5.4.019 Audit Peer Review – Working Papers (Retention: AC+1)

New descriptions have been added for 39 series. Ever wondered what “Delivery Reports” or “Space Utilization Reports” are? The struggle is over! Here are the series that previously lacked a description and now have one:

  • 1.1.023 Organization Charts
  • 1.1.074 Sunset Review Report and Related Documentation
  • 2.2.016 Software Registrations, Warranties and License Agreements
  • 3.1.019 Performance Appraisals
  • 3.2.002 Employee Earnings Records
  • 3.2.006 Wage Rate Tables
  • 3.2.007 Unemployment Compensation Records
  • 3.2.008 Direct Deposit Application/Authorizations
  • 3.2.009 State Deferred Compensation Records
  • 3.4.004 Overtime Schedules and Authorizations
  • 3.4.006 Time and Attendance Records
  • 3.4.007 Time Off and/or Sick Leave Requests
  • 4.1.001 Accounts Payable Information
  • 4.1.006 Investment Transaction Files
  • 4.5.007 USAS Reports – Daily
  • 4.5.009 USAS Reports – Annual
  • 4.7.001 Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual
  • 4.7.003 Uncollectible Accounts
  • 4.7.004 Capital Asset Records
  • 4.7.005 Claim Files
  • 5.1.003 Delivery Reports
  • 5.1.011 Photocopier and Telefax Usage Logs and Reports
  • 5.2.001 Appraisals – Building or Property
  • 5.2.005 Calibration Records (Equipment or Instrument)
  • 5.2.006 Inventory and Property Control Records
  • 5.2.012 Estimate Files (Supply and Repair Cost Estimates)
  • 5.2.018 Quality Control Reports
  • 5.2.022 Utility Usage Reports
  • 5.2.024 Equipment Descriptions and Material Specifications
  • 5.2.027 Space Utilization Reports
  • 5.3.003 Freight Claims
  • 5.3.004 Shipping Information
  • 5.4.008 Hazard Communications Plans
  • 5.4.009 Workplace Chemical Lists
  • 5.4.010 Safety Data Sheets
  • 5.6.002 Aircraft Passenger Lists
  • 5.6.003 Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance Records – Vehicles
  • 5.6.007 Vehicle Titles and Registrations
  • 5.6.009 Parking Permits or Assignments

Training series have been clarified and expanded.

  • 1.1.043 Training Materials
    • now includes class rosters, sign-in sheets, etc.
    • description explains that this series is only for training of non-personnel
  • 3.3.030 Internal Training Administration Records
    • now includes class rosters, sign-in sheets, etc.
    • description explains that this series is only for internal training of personnel

What’s missing?

These RSINs are no longer in use. Whether they were combined with another series, or are now an obsolete record, the reasoning is explained below:

Deleted Record SeriesExplanation
1.1.041 Suggestion System RecordsSuggestions should be classified under related series for complaints (1.1.006), grievances (3.1.018), or correspondence (1.1.008), as applicable.
1.1.071 Agency Rules, Policies, and Procedures – Working FilesBucketed in Agency Rules, Policies, and Procedures (1.1.070).
1.2.004 Forms InventoryThis type of record should be classified under Forms History File (1.2.003).
1.2.008 Request for Authority to Dispose of State Records (RMD 102)This type of record should be classified under Destruction Authorizations (1.2.001).
2.1.001 Processing FilesThese types of records should be classified under Master Files and Application Data (2.1.002) and Computer Software Programs (2.1.007), as applicable.
2.1.011 Finding Aids, Indexes, and Tracking SystemsThis type of record should be classified under Records Control Locator Aids (1.2.013).
2.2.004 Computer Job Schedules and ReportsThis type of record should be classified under Activity Reports (1.1.069).
2.2.012 Output Records for Computer ProductionThis type of record should be classified under Activity Reports (1.1.069).
2.2.015 History Files – Web SitesBucketed into Internet Browser Records (2.2.014).
3.1.031 Employee Benefits – Other than InsuranceBucketed into Employee Benefits (3.1.011).
3.1.035 Performance BondsBucketed into Contract Administration Files (5.1.001a/b).
3.2.010 Human Resources Information System (HRIS) ReportsThis type of record should be classified under Reports and Studies (Non-Fiscal) (1.1.067).
3.3.029 Aptitude and Skills Tests (Validation Records)Bucketed into Aptitude and Skills Tests (3.3.027).
3.4.003 Less Than Full Time Worked ReportsThis type of record should be classified under Time and Attendance Records (3.4.006).
3.4.005 Overtime SchedulesBucketed into Overtime Schedules and Authorizations (3.4.004).
4.1.002 Billing Detail
4.1.003 Canceled Checks/Stubs/Warrants/Drafts
4.2.002 Cash Receipts
4.2.003 Daily Cash Receipts Logs
4.2.005 Purchase Vouchers
4.2.006 General Journal Vouchers
4.2.007 Expenditure Vouchers
4.3.001 Sales Journals or Registers
4.3.002 Receipts Journals or Registers
4.3.003 Expenditures Journals or Registers
4.4.001 General and Subsidiary Ledgers
4.4.002 Accounts Receivable Ledgers
4.4.003 Accounts Payable Ledgers
4.6.001 Balancing Records
4.6.002 Reconciliations
4.6.003 Cash Counts
4.7.011 Texas Facilities Commission Statements (TFC)
Bucketed into Accounts Payable Information (4.1.001) and Accounts Receivable Information (4.1.009), as applicable.
4.1.004 Encumbrance Detail
4.1.007 Transfers or Budget Revisions
4.2.004 Encumbrance Vouchers
4.7.007 Detail Chart of Accounts
Bucketed into Annual Operating Budgets (4.9.001).
4.1.005 Inventory and Other Cost Files
4.7.009 Fixed Asset Sequential Number Logs
Bucketed into Capital Asset Records (4.7.004).
4.1.008 Electronic Fund Transfers
4.2.001 Cash Deposit Vouchers
4.7.002 Bank Statements
Bucketed into Banking Records (4.8.001).
4.4.004 Employee Savings Bond LedgersBucketed into Investment Transaction Files (4.1.006).
4.5.001 Worksheets for Preparing Fiscal Reports
4.5.005 External Fiscal Reports
4.7.006 Comptroller Statements
Bucketed into Fiscal Management Reports (4.5.002).
4.5.006 Annual Operating BudgetsRe-numbered as RSIN 4.9.001.
4.5.008 USAS Reports – MonthlyBucketed into USAS Reports – Daily/Monthly (4.5.007).
5.2.007 Damage Reports
5.2.009 Equipment Inventory Detail Report Forms
5.2.014 Inventory – Annual Physical
5.2.015 Inventory, Notices of Equipment Removed From
5.2.017 Lost & Stolen Reports
5.2.020 Supply Usage Records
5.2.021 Surplus Property Sale Reports
5.2.023 Year to Date Activity (Inventory Listing)
Bucketed into Inventory and Property Control Records (5.2.006).
5.2.025 Equipment Descriptions and SpecificationsBucketed into Equipment Descriptions and Material Specifications (5.2.024).
5.3.002 Freight Bills PaidBucketed into Accounts Payable Information (4.1.001).
5.3.005 Packing SlipsBucketed into Shipping Information (5.3.004).
5.4.004 Fire OrdersBucketed into Inspection Records (5.4.003).
5.5.001 Billing Detail – Telecommunications (Other than TEX-AN)Bucketed into Telephone Activity Records (5.5.002). Bills should be classified under Accounts Payable Information (4.1.001).
5.5.003 Station Activity ReportsBucketed into Telephone Activity Records (5.5.002).
5.5.004 System Activity ReportsBucketed into Telephone Activity Records (5.5.002).
5.5.006 Billing Detail – Telecommunications (TEX-AN)Bucketed into Telephone Activity Records (5.5.002). Bills should be classified under Accounts Payable Information (4.1.001).
5.6.008 Pilot License VerificationsThis type of record should be classified under Training and Educational Achievement Records (Individual) (3.1.027).

What do we need to keep longer?

The retention periods for the following records series have increased:

  • 1.1.040 Speeches, Papers, and Presentations
    • AC -> AC+2 years
  • 1.2.003 Forms History and Maintenance
    • AC+1 -> AC+2
  • 4.1.006 Investment Transaction Files (may include obsolete RSIN 4.4.004)
    • FE+3 -> FE+5
  • 4.5.002 Fiscal Management Reports (may include obsolete RSINs 4.5.001, 4.5.005, 4.7.006)
    • FE+3 -> FE+5
  • 4.7.012 Signature Authorizations
    • US+FE+3 -> AC+4

How does this affect our recertification?

The new and revised retention periods are retroactive. This means that all of your records, whether they were created before or after May 10, will be subject to the new retention rules.

If your state agency or university has recently recertified, you may need to file an amendment to ensure that you are retaining all records for at least the minimum retention periods. Keep in mind it may not be necessary to remove all obsolete RSINs at this time – special consideration should instead be given to those series that have increased retention periods (see previous section: “What do we need to keep longer?”) View instructions for submitting an amendment (form SLR 122) here, or contact your analyst for advice!

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