New Webinars Coming Soon – Disposition 101 and Managing Email

Does the word “Disposition” terrify you?  When you hear the word “Disposition,” do you tilt your head like a confused puppy? Well, you’re not alone! Because disposition can be daunting task – I’m looking at you, Mr. and Mrs. Permanent Until Not Permanent – we have decided to give our local governments and state agencies a new and improved webinar talking about nothing but disposition!
Do I shred or pulp? Do I overwrite or delete? Do I transfer or destroy?
Look no further than SLRM to answer all your disposition questions and concerns.  Government Information Analysts Joslyn Ceasar and Maria Freed are on the case when it comes to this subject and are excited to create this new content for all our local and state agencies. Look for this webinar in May of 2020!

Switching gears slightly, we will also be revisiting and revising our guidance on email records in a two part webinar series by Government Information Analysts Erica Siegrist and Andrew Glass. Not too much has changed, but there are new ways to think about and use email platforms. Funny how email has been with us for nearly three decades and it’s still a briar patch for so many of us! The webinars will address proper classification of email (spoiler: by content), how to determine if you are the custodian of an email record, what to do with the email accounts of terminated employees and much much more! Look for this webinar in summer 2020!

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