Off the Record: Cybersecurity and COVID-19

By Rebecca Hanna, Anne Poulos, and Brady Cox

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No, we didn’t write these articles—hence the name of this series, “Off the Record”—but fortunately, we didn’t need to in order to share the knowledge with our subscribers. Let us know in the comments below what topics you are interested in learning more about!

The following articles describe concerns about cybersecurity, which have been heightened as more people have been working from home due to COVID-19. The articles also provide helpful reminders and tips to consider when evaluating the security of an organization’s records and data.

Louisiana Government Recovering From Ransomware Attack” – Bank Info Security

Two actions present themselves from the article on ransomware recovery from the Louisiana state government: response time in disaster recovery and public integrity in the face of cyber crime. These two actions reflect the growing concerns of ransomware attacks on state and local government entities and the protection of data. The Louisiana government demonstrated swiftness in its quick response to cyber disasters and openness by informing the public about the issue. The article highlights the potential weaknesses hackers exploit as well as where governments and public-facing entities maintaining data should look for better security practices. The article emphasizes the need for improved security, which in turn allows for better protection of services and information, accountability, and response to and recovery from cyber crime.

We may feel we are experts at recognizing the difference between legitimate emails and malware, but how comfortable would you feel opening a company email discussing a COVID-19 topic? Many of us are working in a new, chaotic work environment that requires us to adjust daily. Hackers are adjusting their methods in order to create phishing emails that seem expected in our new work environment. This article is a great reminder to remain conscious and aware of your surroundings and computer habits to protect sensitive company and personal information. Remember to hover over “From:” to ensure the email address that sent the email looks familiar. 

A 6-Point Security Checkup for Working from Everywhere” – Journal of Accountancy

As many of us continue to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for those of us in records management and IT positions to consider how our new ways of working impact our organization’s cybersecurity. Protecting your organization’s data and records is now even more important, and it is now more difficult. This article provides six areas of interest to consider when evaluating your organization’s work from home policies in response to COVID-19.

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