New Webinar: Interstate Correspondence

Hit the road with analysts Andrew and Erica as they go beyond Texas to explore how different states categorize their correspondence. File this in the “fun” category.

Premiered originally at NAGARA’S 2020 Summer Forum, this webinar presents research on how correspondence is managed in government records management programs across the country. Real-world examples of correspondence-related record series at the federal, state, and local levels are be analyzed and discussed. The analysis progresses chronologically, starting with the paper formats of the past, and moving to present and future correspondence formats, such as email and social media. Are correspondence records defined best by format or function? Should we base retention periods on the importance of the person authoring correspondence, or should it be based solely on the function of the letter or the Twitter post? How do we write correspondence definitions that the average user can utilize to classify and organize their own records successfully? This online forum session surveys a broad range of possible answers, and presents new ideas about how to refine record series and consider future correspondence formats at their own institutions.

No road trip is complete without a soundtrack, and this webinar has one. Enjoy on Spotify (requires login):

Watch full webinar below:

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