New Look for State Agency Schedule Amendments

by Erica Rice

State agency schedule amendments have a new look!

New RRS format walking the catwalk.

The final-approved PDF copies of state agency schedules have a new streamlined format. These format changes were made to improve the readability and usability of state agency schedules.

What’s required of you? Nothing! Procedures for submitting an amendment have not changed. All final publishing of state agency schedules is performed by TSLAC analysts. This post is just to give you a heads up that your schedule may look different than what you’re used to.

Summary of Format Changes

Instead of adding schedule amendments in their entirety to the beginning of the approved schedule, amended records series will be incorporated into the approved schedule itself.

  • Adding a new record series
    • New series will be added to the approved schedule.
    • New series’ Agency Item Numbers (AINs) will be indicated with an asterisk (*).
  • Revising an existing record series
    • Any changes to series will be made on the approved schedule.
    • Revised series’ Agency Item Numbers (AINs) will be indicated with an asterisk (*).
  • Deleting a record series
    • Obsolete series will be removed from the approved schedule.

The Different Look

The old schedule format would look something like this, with amendments being tacked on to PDF schedule in reverse chronological order:

The new schedule format is streamlined, so all you see is the current approved schedule with incorporated amendments:

In this example, the “New Format” schedule amends the original schedule:

  • The obsolete series no longer appears on the schedule.
  • The updated series  is marked with a “*” to indicate that a change to that series has occurred since the schedule’s original recertification.

Please note that the new schedule format is not retroactive; it will only be applied to newly submitted amendments. Schedules that were amended prior to September 2020 will not be reformatted (unless a new amendment is submitted).

As always, the public may view and download the latest approved schedule for a state agency from our List of All Certified State Agency and University Retention Schedules. State agencies may request copies of older schedules and amendments by contacting their analyst; members of the public may submit an Open Records/Public Information request for copies of older schedules.

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