Tracking Bills in the 2021 Legislative Session

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The determination of retention periods is based on a review of the administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value of the information being created or received in the course of conducting business. Every legislative session, lawmakers propose a multitude of measures that affect the management of existing records or create new types of records.

This year TSLAC is tracking 129 bills (49 state agency, and 80 local government) that we have identified as potentially requiring amendments to state records retention schedules, local government schedules, or agency specific schedules. Bills applicable to both local governments and state agencies were categorized under state agencies; local governments should also check out the bills marked as “Open Meetings” and “Open Records” for state agencies.

You may download PDF:

This document is for informational purposes only and is based only on the introduced version of the highlighted bills.

If your office is tracking a bill that you believe could affect the length of retention of your records and you do not see it on our list, please feel free to drop us a line (512-463-7610 or and let us know which bill so we can add it to our list.

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3 thoughts on “Tracking Bills in the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. You missed HB 3458, Relating to expunging federal tax liens from county deed records.

    I also note that some historians and archivists are concerned that redacting or removing language from recorded real property records is reminiscent of The Memory Hole from Orwell’s 1984. We concur that racist and unenforceable deed restrictions should not be part of contemporary instruments but redacting them will make it harder for researchers to study the prejudices and fears of past generations.

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