Reminder: Bulletin B (13 TAC 7 Subchapter C) Public Comment Period Open!

As part of our effort to maintain up-to-date Texas Administrative Rules for local governments, we are bringing changes to 13 TAC 7 Subchapter C, relating to Standards and Procedures for Management of Electronic Records. 

Corded phone with text, "Call for Feedback"

The proposed rules can be found at the Texas Register for public comment:



We are extending the comment period until June 18th, 2021, to ensure interested parties have sufficient time to review and provide comment if they wish.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback local governments provide about the proposed changes. We rely on subject matter experts in the field to evaluate new and updated rules and consider the usability and impact in practice to increase compliance.

Comments may be directed to Megan Carey, Manager, Records Management Assistance, via email, or mail, P.O. Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711-2927.

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