eRecords 2021 – Accelerating Towards the Texas of Tomorrow – Session Recordings and Recap

The annual conference returned as a virtual event again in 2021. TSLAC and the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) brought together 52 Texas state agencies, 23 institutions of higher education, and 107 different units of local government from all across the state via Zoom for 2 half-days of learning. Presenters and 490 attendees discussed managing new electronic records technologies and, as Health and Human Services Commission’s RMO Jenny Alexander reminded us, the people who use them to deliver easier, more secure, and constantly connected access to information for our stakeholders.

This year’s keynote addressed managing people, offering strategies for records managers and data managers to collaborate in promoting the organization’s overall success. Ed Kelly and Neil Cooke touched on this topic when discussing DIR’s plans for implementing SB 475. We got a fascinating glimpse at deploying new e-records technologies when Keli Pisciotta and Brad Doucet demonstrated how the Louisiana Department of Transportation is transforming data into information for employees and partners in their System of Engagement (SoE) approach.

If you missed these sessions or any from our fantastic line-up of speakers, don’t worry! Each session was recorded. You can access these recordings from the links below.

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Welcoming Remarks – Gloria Meraz, TSLAC; Amanda Crawford, DIR

Better Together: How to Align with Data Governance Partners – Katherine Cranford, Charles Schwab

Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Digital Transformation for Regulatory Agencies with Paper-Heavy Processes – Christina Rinaldi with John Kastrinos, Blaire Merket, Jessica Torrez, and Diana Woronuk, Gartner

A LID Perspective on Paperless Governance – Girish Misra and Darrell Groves, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District 15

The Untapped Texas Gold Mine: How to Implement Records Management with Microsoft 365 – Ryan Britton, IQ Business Group and Stephen Jones, Microsoft

Why Public/Open Records Requests Complexity Growth is Bigger’n Dallas – Jennifer Snyder, GovQA; Caitlin Krobot, City of New Braunfels; Moraima Montenegro Mcgraw, City of San Antonio; Elizabeth Medina, Garland ISD

Demystifying the SB 475 Data Components – What’s Next? – Ed Kelly and Neil Cooke, DIR and Craig Kelso and Megan Carey, TSLAC

Unlocking the Potential of Government Records Data – Keli Pisciotta, Access Sciences and Brad Doucet, Louisiana Department of Transportation

Harness the Power of the Texas Open Data Portal to Reduce Public Information RequestsStacey Lewis, DIR

Is Hyper Automation a buzzword or Legit? And how can these concepts change our automation world? – Russell Haddock and Alexis Blue, MCCi; Jerod Anderson, City of Coppell; Shawna Barnes, City of Grapevine; Veronica López, Westminster, CO Police Department

Collaborating for Access: The TxDOT/TSLAC Right of Way Project – Kelsey Peduzzi, Texas Department of Transportation and Brian Thomas and Zachary Bruton, TSLAC

Diving into the Future: Questions and Opportunities in a Rapidly Changing RIM World – Jenny Alexander, Health and Human Services Commission; Talj Harper, Department of Family and Protective Services; Lena Roberts, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; Christi Brisky, DIR

Let us know if you have any questions — and if you attended eRecords 2021, what was your favorite part?— in the comments below!

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