RIM Month Virtual Swag Bag

By Erica Rice and Rebecca Hanna

It’s that time of year again! April is “RIM Month,” which means that Records and Information Management (RIM) professionals the world over get together to educate their stakeholders on the value of records management.

Aside from actively improving records management in your organization (e.g. training your employees, conducting cost-benefit analyses for executive staff, updating your business continuity plan, etc.), a great way to passively spread awareness about RIM Month is to post infographics, jazz up your email signature, or add hashtags to your social media posts.

Conference expo

To help you with this task, we’ve compiled a list of the best virtual swag to help you celebrate RIM Month and get people asking questions. Consider this a virtual expo booth filled with the best digital swag.

Email Signature

First, let’s visit ARMA International, the professional organization which started RIM Month back in 1995. ARMA provides an official RIM Month email signature graphic that you can use to let all your correspondents know that it is RIM Month!

Email signature with RIM Month April 2022 logo


ARMA also has several downloadable graphics that you can email to your colleagues, post to your organization’s blog, or print out and hang on your office walls.

Sample RIM Month poster

Our own records management assistance unit has also created eye-catching infographics to help you explain Texas records management laws to your employees quickly and easily:

It's dangerous to RM alone, bring friends!
Think before you delete. Is this an email I have to keep?
Did you know? If it's discussing government business, it's a government record.
A record is a record regardless of format
What records are you creating at home?


If you’re posting about records management on your government’s social media page, or even on your own personal accounts, use the hashtag #RIMMonth. If you need inspiration before you post, check out the hashtag on various platforms to see what other RIM professionals are saying.

Twitter post using RIMMonth hashtag

Happy RIM Month, y’all!

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