Bulletin C Invitation for Comments and Suggestions

We recently announced that we are updating the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s guidance and best practice for Inventorying and Scheduling Records aka Bulletin C. This announcement was made during our State and Local Government RMO meetings on April 19 and April 21, 2022.

Bulletin C: Inventorying and Scheduling Records, contains helpful tips on how to conduct an inventory and how to appraise records. We are now accepting feedback to Bulletin C! Updating Bulletin C is necessary to keep local governments up to date with current strategies and tactics for conducting an inventory and appraisal for your records. The proposed revisions include:

  • adding templates to assist with inventorying
  • updating legal citations
  • removing the requirement for local governments to send records control schedules to TSLAC
  • making Bulletin C the first bulletin that is for local governments and state agencies!

Please note, other bulletins and rules are not being revised at this time. Only revisions to Bulletin C: Inventorying and Scheduling Records are being proposed.

All local governments and state agencies are invited to send their comments to slrminfo@tsl.texas.govPlease review the Bulletin C session from our RMO meetings or review Bulletin C on our website before sending your comments or suggestions. Please submit your comments by July 1, 2022. If you have any questions for your analyst, please contact slrminfo@tsl.texas.gov or 512-463-7610.  

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One thought on “Bulletin C Invitation for Comments and Suggestions

  1. Wow! You were reading my mind. I’m new to this responsibility and would love to hear how other colleges and universities are inventorying and Scheduling Records. Are there any contacts that would like to share their best practices, success and opportunities for improvement to help me get started with my organization. A SWOT analysis would be helpful if you have one or basically any guidance would be sincerely appreciated.

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