Records Management Bills in the 88th Legislative Session

More than 7,800 House and Senate bills were filed this session. Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) is again tracking those bills with the potential to affect the retention and disposition of government records in Texas.

Drawing of the Texas State Capitol Building created in 1888.
1/103-61, Places Collection, Prints and Photographs Collections. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

For the 88th Legislative Session, we identified about 110 bills that change retention periods, modify reporting requirements, or address the role of technology in capturing, creating, accessing, distributing, using, storing, securing, retrieving, and ensuring timely and proper disposition of information. Bills applicable to both local governments and state agencies are classified as “state” bills; local governments should review the state section, especially bills identified as “Open Meetings” or “Open Records.”

You may download the PDF here:

TSLAC provides this document for informational purposes only; it is based on the Introduced version of the listed bills.

We do our best to find as many bills as we can, but TSLAC doesn’t have the opportunity to read every bill, committee substitute, and amendment or expertise on all the records specific to your program. Are you tracking a bill you believe could affect the retention or disposition of government records that does not appear on our list? Please contact us at 512-463-7610 or with the bill number.

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