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  1. Juanita / Jan 8 2013

    I am new to this blog.

  2. Trudy / Jan 25 2013

    I am new to this blog. Looking forward to. Learning a lot. Thanks.

  3. gloria grimes / Jan 30 2013

    I am a beginner to this blog. Hoping to learn a lot. Thanks

  4. Tammy Dixon / Apr 12 2013

    I am new to this blog. Thank you

  5. Lori Higgins / Apr 16 2013

    I am also new to this blog and look forward to learning new things. Thank you!

  6. Tomara / Jul 18 2013

    New to your Website.

  7. Joyce Smith / Jul 23 2013

    I’m looking forward to receiving information.

  8. Joyce Smith / Jul 23 2013

    As a Deputy Clerk/Records Manager, I’m looking forward to your information.

  9. Alice Robledo / Jul 28 2013

    I’m a new Records Specialist and would like to know if anyone out there has ever worked with a lot of utility maps? How do you number them? Any tips, please let me know. Thanks

  10. Mark Hoover / Aug 12 2013

    I would be interested in talking with anyone who is currently or thinking about managing social media content from a records management experience. I have been tasked with writing the City of Sugar Land’s electronic data management policy.

  11. Judy Hall / Sep 17 2013

    new to website

  12. Dianne Eagleton / Nov 21 2013

    new to this blog

  13. Chris Andersen / Dec 13 2013

    New registrant.

  14. Vicki F / Feb 3 2014

    I’m new to the website.

  15. Alaric / Feb 18 2014

    I am new to this blog also.

  16. P. Sow / Mar 30 2014

    Love the blog. I have recently assumed the responsibility of the Employee Records area for a local university. I would appreciate receiving copies of any job descriptions for an Employee Records Specialist. All of our records are currently scanned into Onbase and electronically routed using a unique identifier Person Number.

    Thank you,

  17. CARL DEXTER / Apr 30 2014

    Thank You for letting me be a part of your discussions

  18. Dianne Tidwell / May 1 2014

    New to the blog, looking forward to participating.

  19. Mary Sanchez / May 8 2014

    I am new to this blog and hope to learn lots of information from it.

  20. Heidi Nance / May 9 2014

    Also another new subscriber as well as new to the records position. Hoping to learn a lot and bring that information to my entire office.

  21. Crystal Balboa / May 16 2014

    I am new to this blog.

  22. Jenny Chakonova / May 22 2014

    I am a Statewide Records Consultant in another state and throughly enjoy your blog and website! It’s interesting, informative and current. Keep up the good work!

  23. Angela Ossar / May 22 2014

    Very cool that you’re a reader, and thanks for the great note! We talk often about how we’d love to reach out to other statewide records management programs to collaborate and share ideas. Hope to see you at NAGARA this year, where (if we can get it together) we’d love to meet up with some of our counterparts in other states.

    Thanks again!

  24. Joy Dawson / Jun 18 2014

    I am new to this blog. Need training for my job and hope to pick up nuggets from here.

  25. Lisa / Jul 14 2014

    New to this blog

  26. LParish / Aug 19 2014

    New to the blog. Has anyone attended any of the Records Retention training?

  27. ruth / Aug 20 2014

    Looking forward to receiving information on upcoming conferences.

  28. Barbara Dingman / Sep 3 2014

    Does anyone know how long to keep medical provider’s profiles that include their evaluations and focused reviews?

  29. Kelly / Jan 12 2015

    Thought I subscribed but almost missed the timeframe to comment on proposed changes to the GR schedule. Just emails comments to Sarah.

  30. Frank Aguilar / Feb 17 2015

    I am new to the Public School District Records keeping system and plan to learn all I can.

  31. jose ybanez / Feb 24 2015

    Looking for old fire station pictures and or pictures of the fire crew there in carrizo in the 60’s

  32. Angela Ossar / Feb 25 2015

    Good morning, and thank you for your comment on The Texas Record blog. For reference assistance with these newspapers, please contact the Dimmit County Public Library at (830) 876-5788 or Good luck with your research!

  33. Patricia Guidry / Feb 25 2015


  34. Gloria Gonzales / Mar 9 2015

    I am new! 3-9-15

  35. CANDACE BERGER / Mar 19 2015

    New to all of this.

  36. CANDACE BERGER / Mar 19 2015

    I am new to the blog.

  37. sheri ashby / Mar 20 2015

    I’m new here, also. Records Retention is one of my projects but Adult Probation rules are scattered. All help and sharing will be appreciated.

    Galveston County

  38. Kitty Welch / Mar 30 2015

    New to this site and record retention. Our records have always been housed at an off site facility, recently the district has brought them all back. I will be handling record retention and would appreciate any and all feed back on matter. Would really love to see/attend training for school district record retention.

  39. caleb mathale / Apr 2 2015

    I am still new in this field working in south african government department of health, i hope the best from you.

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