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  1. Juanita / Jan 8 2013

    I am new to this blog.

  2. Trudy / Jan 25 2013

    I am new to this blog. Looking forward to. Learning a lot. Thanks.

  3. gloria grimes / Jan 30 2013

    I am a beginner to this blog. Hoping to learn a lot. Thanks

  4. Tammy Dixon / Apr 12 2013

    I am new to this blog. Thank you

  5. Lori Higgins / Apr 16 2013

    I am also new to this blog and look forward to learning new things. Thank you!

  6. Tomara / Jul 18 2013

    New to your Website.

  7. Joyce Smith / Jul 23 2013

    I’m looking forward to receiving information.

  8. Joyce Smith / Jul 23 2013

    As a Deputy Clerk/Records Manager, I’m looking forward to your information.

  9. Alice Robledo / Jul 28 2013

    I’m a new Records Specialist and would like to know if anyone out there has ever worked with a lot of utility maps? How do you number them? Any tips, please let me know. Thanks

  10. Mark Hoover / Aug 12 2013

    I would be interested in talking with anyone who is currently or thinking about managing social media content from a records management experience. I have been tasked with writing the City of Sugar Land’s electronic data management policy.

  11. Judy Hall / Sep 17 2013

    new to website

  12. Dianne Eagleton / Nov 21 2013

    new to this blog

  13. Chris Andersen / Dec 13 2013

    New registrant.

  14. Vicki F / Feb 3 2014

    I’m new to the website.

  15. Alaric / Feb 18 2014

    I am new to this blog also.

  16. P. Sow / Mar 30 2014

    Love the blog. I have recently assumed the responsibility of the Employee Records area for a local university. I would appreciate receiving copies of any job descriptions for an Employee Records Specialist. All of our records are currently scanned into Onbase and electronically routed using a unique identifier Person Number.

    Thank you,

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