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My name is Megan Carey and I started working at TSLAC in September 2015 with a lot to learn about Texas government.

I graduated in May 2015 with my Master’s of Information Studies (MIS) from The University of Texas at Austin with two specializations; one in digital libraries and a second in digital archives and records enterprise. Essentially, I’m obsessed with records, especially digital records, and how to store, access, maintain, and retain them. These are important facets of records management. In my previous job at Tokyo Electron I was responsible for records management training as well as general improvement and implementation of the RM program. I also completed my Master’s capstone at the Texas Department of State Health Services designing a digital infrastructure within SharePoint for DSHS’ legacy records management materials.

I graduated from Texas A&M University- Commerce (a small town in East Texas) with my BA in English Literature and Language in 2012. My initial plan going in was this: “I like English and I like to read, so I guess I’ll be a teacher…”

Disclaimer: This is not the type of person you want teaching your kids!

Halfway through, I realized my true passion was to be a librarian, surrounded by books all day while spreading my passion and love for reading and writing. With this in mind, I applied to the iSchool, the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information, to receive my Master’s degree and be a librarian!

Once I started at the iSchool, I immediately realized libraries and their librarians lived and belonged to a much bigger world of information. The possibilities were endless and extended beyond the public library I knew and loved. Studying archives introduced me to digital archives, which house digital records, which then led me to records management.

The information lifecycle is long and I didn’t care much for when information needs storage and maintenance for posterity’s and history’s sake. It’s probably my substantial customer service background that lights my fire for organizing, storing, and discarding of active information and records for the sake of better access and increased use by PEOPLE.

With this in mind please reach out with any records management question, no matter how small or complicated; I love working with people to find answers and solve problems!

Working for the state library and serving the SLRM division – first as a Government Information Analyst and now as the RMA Manager – is the job I always wanted and I’m so stoked to get to work!

In my spare time I entertain a number of past times, including:

  • devouring books;
  • creating art through knitting, crocheting, and sewing; and
  • taking selfies with my two mini schnauzers, Grendel and Friday.

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  1. Hi Megan. I recently subscribed to The Texas Record and came across your Emoji Record Management article. Is there anyway that I can get a copy of this???

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