Michael Shea

m-shea_blogI’m Michael Shea, the State Records Center Manager since May 2012.  Before working at the Records Center I was born, moved through various stages of school in Southern Connecticut (including getting a BA in English from Providence College in Rhode Island) and then moved to Los Angeles.  I directed 14 movies and won seven academy awards and retired to Palm Springs in 2014.

Wait, that’s alternate universe me.

I NEVER thought I’d live in Texas but I moved to Austin from Los Angeles in 2002 with my wife who went to UT for her PhD.  I’ve worked for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for the last ten years in various capacities starting in the mail room, Information Resources Technology, Library Development and finally at the State Records Center.

I knew from birth that I’d run the Texas State Records Center, and spent my life preparing for that moment in 2012.  Or, I was doing supply inventory when I first started at the agency and have always had a thing for huge warehouses and so have always had my eyes on this facility.  One of those is true.

While living in Los Angeles I ran a large bookstore warehouse and have always worked in various manufacturing environments or warehouses when I wasn’t in school.  I love setting up and tweaking processes to make them as efficient as possible.  I have a staff who is into the same thing, and we work hard at improving our processes to help both our customers and ourselves. I consider myself very lucky to have inherited a staff of knowledgeable, hard working and really fun people who make work more fun than it probably should be.  Maintaining and preserving records for our customers is important to us, and while we try and have a good time at work, we are serious about taking care of our State Agency and Local Government brethren’s records storage and imaging needs.


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